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Pistol Crossbow

I want this Pistol Crossbow, it looks awesome. Now, where would I use it? My backyard is my best answer. Make sure that I have a large fence with extended backstop to put the targets on. First I would order it from Lucid Persona, you can buy it from their website online, free shipped, anywhere in USA. Keep reading to learn more, but click the links to purchase. Now, once I received the pistol crossbow, I read the instructions, oh yeah, here is the stats of this gun.

175ft/sec arrow speed
Integrated self-cocking mechanism
Windage & elevation click-adjustable rear sight
Automatic safety
Lightweight, composite stock

Package includes: Firefield The Stinger Pistol Crossbow YUKFF78000
WARRANTY: 30 Day Warranty Unless Longer Term Stated In Description

As I handled the crossbow, I told myself, I will be careful with this projectile crossbow pistol. I will use it on target practice. For when I do go out hunting I will have practice, learn to aim precisely, practice, practice, guess what? You do not lose your bullets per shot, imagine having this at end of days, zombie nation, or any other catastrophe to human population. It would be a survival tool, self defense, small game hunting, every house should have one. I recommend locking it up, lucid persona has vaults to sell as well. Check them out. Cheers.

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