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Welcome, lets dive into what is new for Fox Racing Canada. Here in Calgary Blackfoot Online dominates the competition with massive in-stock supply of Fox Racing gear and accessories. Motocross riders need all the protective gear to compete which includes helmets, jerseys, gloves, pants, boots and chest protection. Blackfoot chose Fox as their number 1 dirt bike and motocross apparel brand because of many factors including the high stand protection along with premium quality material and design. The colors are very bright or can be very dark depending on the style of the rider and team. Check out Fox Racing gear on BFO’s eCommerce website and get free shipping over $38 anywhere in Canada. With returns, exchanges and refunds there is no risk on getting what you truly desire.

Here is some words from Fox Racing:


“Inspired by our heritage, we continue to push limits, defy boundaries and pursue continuous innovation. With each success, we set a larger, more ambitious goal. Through the guidance and feedback of Fox’s championship-winning athletes, we continue to maximize the experience of the world’s best competitive action sports athletes and enthusiasts with an array of products that combines innovation and style.”

With that said, we welcome to shop online or visit our massive dealership and enjoy our passion for motocross while obtaining premium quality riding gear.

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Motorcycle Gear

Firstly, riding motorcycle is very fun and should be something most people should experience. It is dangerous though. We recommend wearing full protection with certified motorcycle gear.

Blackfoot Motosports is Western Canada’s largest motorcycle dealership and carries almost every type of motorcycle product available in the world. Most importantly they carry the best motorcycle gear from brands like BMW, Dainese, Klim and Schuberth.

Imagine getting into an accident. Either you come out with your skin melted off and broken bones or you come out with maybe just a sore arm.

If you live in an isolated town or city with no local motorcycle dealership, shop online at


Used Cars Calgary | Auto House Dealership

Used Cars Calgary

Tomorrow I am looking for a used car to purchase in Calgary. Scanning the dealerships throughout this city I came across Auto House. They have beautiful cars, I want to share my experience with them.

When looking for used cars in Calgary, do the research necessary to prevent headaches from many factors such as over priced, lemons, hidden damages and previous liens. From my experience I have made some good choices. I bought an old jeep Cherokee few years back for $2500, I drove it for 4 years adding 50 thousand kilometres on it and only spent like $2000 on maintenance the whole time. Great deal. I purchased a Toyota Celica a long time ago and after the purchase I found it it was in a big accident from the back-end.

Luckily my car literally went up in flames in a mechanic shop in Calgary and I got reimbursed from the insurance. I wanted to recommend Auto House Car Dealership in Calgary, Alberta Canada. They have an awesome lineup of Used Cars Calgary.

There you will find cars from premium manufactures like BMW, Mercedes, Maserati, Audi and more. Financing is available and their staff will gladly help you out with anything you need.
With 2 locations, Sunridge and Barlow, they have more vehicles to choose from, whether you prefer sport, luxury, economy, Auto House has your back. Call today! 403-263-4446

Check out their video:

Find your used car calgary here.


Stacyc Bikes | Blackfoot Motosports Online Canada

Here at Blackfoot we can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to get these STACYC Bikes out into the world!  These electric bikes will bring so much joy and knowledge to youngsters throughout Canada that get to experience it. At affordable prices below $999 canadian, more kids will have access to owning and enjoying their stability E-Drive Bike.

We ship anywhere in Canada, perhaps the world, but there is a shipping cost. $49.95 flat rate throughout Canada, quotes will have to be generated for international buyers.

There are two types of Stacyc Bikes. The 2018 12 Stacyc Electric – Drive and the 2018 16 Electric – Drive bike. 12 inch tires and 16 inche tires.

Perfect for 3-5yr old rippers under 75lbs, with 14-20” inseam

  • 12” Composite Wheels with Pneumatic tires
  • Seat Height: 13″
  • Weight: 17lbs with battery
  • Frame: Aluminum TIG Welded
  • Fork: Steel, bmx style

Proprietary drive system

  • Power selection modes:
    • Low/Training mode ~ 5mph
    • Med/Transitional mode ~ 7mph
    • High/Advanced mode ~ 9mph
  • Thermal protection for motor and controller
  • BMX chain and freewheel


Industrial Grade, Lithium-ion Battery and Charger*

  • Quick disconnect/connect battery
  • 20Vmax Voltage(18Vnom)
  • 2Ah
  • 30-60 min run-time**
  • 30-60 charge time

Check out our website or give us a call for more information. 1-800-665-6735